about multi frame PICUP

Showcase your product in a revolutionary display system of superb quality with multi frame – PICUP.

PICUP is your display of choice, wherever and whenever you need to effortlessly set up a high-impact display. 

Easy to move, assembled without tools, yet stable. The display consists of components that can easily be configured for different display options and needs – be it for your Point of Sale display, at a tradeshow, as an advertising board or for customer traffic guidance systems. With PICUP, you will make a great impression.

The system multi frame PICUP consist of single modules in two widths 85 and 100 cm / 33.4“ and 39.4“ and three heights  200/202 (incl. base) / 78.8“/96.5“ (incl. base), 230/232 (incl. base) / 90.6“/91.3“ (incl. base) and 245/247 cm (incl. base) / 96.5“/97.3“ (incl. base). All system parts are available as spare parts.

tool-less assembly

PICUP consist of just a veiw parts and can be quickly assembled without tools. Both allow for quick and easy use. Simply pull out the components from the carrier, connect them and set up the preassembled base tracks – done! Easy to use silicon lip edging allows for easy, flat mounting of your print media and can be easily exchanged.


One profile – profile dimension (depth) 80 mm / 3.2” is used for this display frame. PICUP is made of high quality anodized aluminum and are UV resistent. The design and shape are very slim and timelessly elegant. 

With a meticulous finish, even the edges are pleasant to the touch. The connectors are almost invisible after set-up. Your digital prints will look appealing from all angles.



PICUP is surprisingly light weight. One display system WxH 100×200 cm / 39.4”x 78.8” weighs 7 kg / 15,4 lbs. including the  eco-friendly re-useable cardboard packaging. Both, system and panels fit into the packaging.


Multi frame PICUP can be used as single- or double sided floor display, room divider, backdrop, for shops and product promotions, and many other display solutions.


With LEDUP your message will be presented in the best light with OSRAM LED technology. PICUP and LEDUP consist of just seven parts each and can be quickly assembled without tools.  Both allow for quick and easy use.

A high level of brightness and an even illumination makes LEDUP a champion among illuminated displays.



PICUP is extraordinarily stable, despite its light weight. The lightweight construction, stable aluminum frames and our unique pin connectors ensure the greatest stability. Additionally, the design ensures that frames are positioned at right angles at all times. A simple and almost invisible connector system allows you to assemble several elements for large areal effects. 

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setup video

The video on the left shows the straight and corner connection setup.